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LIDAR at LMD: a >25 years old story

Last update : 2017/11/20



  • 1983: "Lase" with NASA Langley RC
  • 1985: Beginning of French program for airborne lidar
  • 1990: Airborne Elastic Backscatter Lidar: Leandre-1 and PYREX
  • 1993: Ground-based Elastic Backscatter Lidar at 0.532 µm: "Lidar Nuages & Aerosols (LNA)".
  • 1998: Initialization of CALIPSO (NASA-CNES) (launched in 2006)
  • 1999: Transportable Wind Lidar: "Lidar Vent Transportable (LVT)" (10 µm heterodyne Doppler Lidar). VALID, MAP fields experiments. Selection of ADM-AEOLUS (ESA). Fisrt version of SIRTA (Site Instrumenté de Recherche en Télédétection Atmosphérique)
  • 2002: Coherent DIAL for CO2 atmosphérique measurement: EMIL-LIDIA (2-µm coherent DIAL)
  • 2003: Transportable Remote Sensing Station (TReSS): 3-wavelengths Backscatter and Raman lidar "Minilidar" + micro-meteorological station + radiometers
  • 2005: Studies for Lidar CO2 measurement from space: FACTS, A-SCOPE
  • 2008: Canopy studies and measurements
  • 2009: Beginning of CO2 & Wind Lidar (COWI) (next generation of 2-µm coherent DIAL)
  • 2013: Monitoring of CO2 anthropogenic plumes above emissive site


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