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Last update : 2011/07/06

Two different types of lidars have been developped in the LIDAR-ABC group.

The Minilidar is a elastic backscatter lidar with 3 wavelengths 0.355, 0.532 and 1.064 µm, Depolarization and N2 Raman additionnal detections channels (Fig. 1). The Minilidar belongs to the TReSS mobile station and is currently operated for aerosols, clouds and dynamics studies.

Fig. 1: Schematic of backscatter lidar. Exemple of Minilidar in TReSS station.

A Coherent Differential Absorption Lidar (DIAL) provides backscatter signal, radial velocity from Doppler shift and absorption of the gaseous of interest (Fig. 2). EMIL-LIDIA and COWI are 2-µm coherent DIAL systems. EMIL-LIDIA was operated for CO2 concentration measurements and dynamics studies in the boundary layer.

Fig. 2: Schematic of coherent differential absorption lidar. Exemple of EMIL-LIDIA.

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