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Last update : 2011/07/06

The group is involved in several geophysical studies linked to the research themes. Some of these studies require the building of new Lidar systems at LMD.

SENTINELLE: Monitoring of CO2 sequestration site. First vertical budget of CO2: geophere, biosphere, atmosphere will be studied. The group is in charge of atmospheric compartiment and will operate the first range-resolved 3-D measurement of atmospheric CO2. Linked to COWI instrumental developpement.

CO2-MEGAPARIS: Quantification of CO2 emissions from Ile-de-France and of their plume towards the Centre region. The group is involved in the application of the mass budget method to infer regional CO2 flux measurement. In-situ sensors and commercial backscatter lidar will be deployed on the Trainou site, near Orleans

BLLAST: Boundary Layer Late Afternoon and Sunset Turbulence - Field experiment in June- July 2011, Lannemezan, FRANCE. The ABC - Lidar team is in charge of a Doppler Lidar deployed on the site (BLLAST)

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