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Last update : 2013/09/06
Last update : 2011/05/12

TReSS is a Transportable Remote Sensing Station for aerosols and clouds observations in the troposphere: optical and micro-physics properties, life cycle, temporal and spatial evolution, troposphere dynamics. It relies on a synergism of active and passive remote sensors observations at different wavelengths, field of view and angle of observations: a sun photometer, a web type camera, a Mini-Lidar, a IR radiometer and a pyranometer. Un sonic anemometer on a 10-m tall mast complete the instrumental set.

Fig. 1: TReSS mobile station in operation during international campaign (from left to right: AMMA, Algeria, 2006; COPS, France 2007; MEGAPOLI, France, 2010). Dimitri Edouart and Juan Cuesta.

Fig. 2: Main instrumentation of the TReSS mobile station.

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